How does it work?

Alert Road uses a database with the radar points recorded on it. When we approach a point, it warns us acoustically, and shows us on the display the type of radar and the distance to which we approach it. Being able to record user points ourselves by pressing a key on the display.

The warning distance varies according to the location of the point, for low speeds or points in city warns us with 200 m. In advance and for points located on conventional roads, motorways, etc. Will notify us 500 m. before.

If we are in a section of controlled speed, it will indicate us the maximum speed to which we can circulate, the average speed of the section and the current speed. Indicating that we lower the speed if we overcome the legal maximum to avoid being fined.

Alert Road we can configure it so that it notifies us of the following types of alerts:

Alert Road, is compatible with Shadow-Stealth detector antennas. Detecting thus mobile and hidden radars that emit in Band K MTR and Ka Band.

We remind you that in some countries in Europe it is prohibited to use radar detectors and detectors. Please consult him before traveling legislation for them.